Through advocacy, research and training,  WECDA
looks to educate the public in order to empower incarcerated
individuals and offer ongoing support to their families and the
communities to which they hope to someday return.

We hope to increase awareness and challenge the stigma around
incarceration, while uplifting those affected by federal

wecda strives to help promote family independence, maintain self-esteem and enable meaningful lifestyle by providing basic needs to those whose lives have been impacted by traumas related to incarceration, the absence of parents from the home tear at the fabric that holds family together, and contribute to delinquency. 

We believe all people, including former incarcerated individuals, are valuable and should be treated with dignity and respect.

We believe that prisons and punishment are not effective tools for positive change and that treatment better serves the individual and society.

We believe everyone who is given a chance, regardless of the past, can excel with support and community intervention.

We believe in the power of mentoring to help people achieve their dreams. By motivating, supporting, and creating opportunities for others to excel, mentors are valuable role models that build confidence and self-esteem.

We believe in the ability to empower people by educating them about systems of societal dysfunction, thereby transforming their beliefs.
We strive to support crime prevention through reunification of the family, we plan to offer various support tools to families and the communities to which the incarcerated individual will to return.

 We believe reunification of the family, strengthens the bond, the fabric of the family.