1.                  STAYING CONNECTED

And of course, many families use the devices for school work as well.

One of our favorite programs!

We solicit donations of Computers, Tablets and Cell Phones annually. Once refurbished, the devices are donated to families who have a loved one incarcerated in the federal criminal justice system and may not be able to afford the costs of a computer, etc.

The objective is to assist them with communication through Corrlinks, the email communication system. Face time is available at the female facilities only.

One of the wonderful components of Corrlinks is their program which offers "face time". Similar to Skype, one can visit for a longer period of time than the general 15 minute phone time allowed, and one can see their family, and the family can see them!.

Many woman are fortunate to be designated close to home for the purpose of visits, many, most are not. So this program is quite popular.

Also, many internet providers offer reduced fees to low income families.