About Us

The primary components of WECDA  are the Defense Sentencing Mitigation Services* and the Habeas Litigation Clinic.

The majority of our services are geared toward providing  meaningful, affordable access to the courts .,

Our organization has several experienced, non attorney legal professionals who provide post conviction sentencing  services such as specialists, who provide case analysis, technical consulting, research assistance, and document preparation for licensed legal counsel and their  clients who have been convicted in criminal legal proceedings and are seeking redress such as motions under 28 USC Section 2255, Motion to Vacate, 3582 pursuant to a retroactive change in the law or other forms of relief  to lessen the impact of the federal sentencing guidelines on the term the court imposed.
Our team of  professionals provide specialized  services at the post conviction stages of criminal proceedings.

 We also provide litigation support services to individuals directly who plan to proceed pro se in seeking redress.