We ;

will prepare a 2255 motion, second or successive 2255, certificate of appealability, writ of certiorari, 2241 petition or pro se direct appeal for you to file.

review, what you have prepared or had prepared by retained counsel or "jail-house lawyer" and offer a concurrence or offer advice for correction or changes.

research specific arguments for you upon your request, or recommend certain arguments as possibilities for post conviction remedy review your case for errors and identify the type, be it plain, harmless or structural error.

We will also tell you of the dangers of wasting your first filing right to a 2255 on a frivolous issue, for the standards for a second or successive are almost insurmountable, so be cautious with your first filing. Please remember, no one can properly prepare your Motion under 28 U.S.C. Section 2255 without benefit of reviewing your Pre-sentence Report-Objections to PSR-Plea Agreement-Judgment and Commitment and preferably, your Sentencing Transcripts. If you need services to research any particular issue or area of law, please contact someone who has been where you sit, understand and empathize with you.

Many of our staff have walked a mile in your shoes and will attempt to provide the services you need in a most thorough and professional manner. We thoroughly review your documents to identify every issue ripe for redress.
We will thoroughly research each issue identified, upon drafting your motion, we spend a great deal of time, presenting case law in your circuit or a sister circuit to substantiate each issue raised, and present these issues in the appropriate habeas petition.
After the initial filings, we will review your case, at whatever stage of the legal proceeding, and prepare an analysis of what action, if any may be taken from that point. We will prepare replies to the government's response to your motions and walk with you each strep of the way through the proceedings so that you will never feel abandoned or left on your own to find a resolution.

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                  Habeas Litigation Clinic

We exist because hope does not necessarily run out in the wake of a criminal conviction whether by guilty plea or trial, or even in the event of a denial of an appeal. If you are within one year of having been sentenced, or the last action in your case, there is still time to seek relief from your loved one’s imposed term of imprisonment.

Our expertise is in providing experienced litigation support services to those seeking relief from sentences imposed in the federal arena.

In the criminal justice system, the sentencing stage of the process is of great importance as opportunities may exist to improve the sentence that is handed down by the court. Opportunities for mitigation may also exist afterward if the sentence is not appropriate under the guidelines. We know how to fully examine and look for these opportunities.

Federal sentencing guidelines are amended annually; we devote our full attention to any new developments. We also know that the federal sentencing guidelines are extremely intricate and based on a large number of variables. The complexity of the sentencing guidelines leave opportunities for mistakes to be made by judges; mistakes that could result in improper sentences.

The members of our Team at know how to correct these mistakes through the pursuit of one of the various forms of post-conviction remedy.

Among the opportunities that exist in these matters, one stands out: the Motion to Vacate, Set Aside or Correct Sentence by a person in federal custody.

Judges have a person's future in their hands when it comes to sentencing. Unfortunately, they can make sentencing mistakes and, when they do, they results can be disastrous for defendants. Rest assured, opportunities to remedy this type of wrong can be aggressively pursued. The Litigation Support Services component of Wecda.org  is composed of a team of non-attorney legal professionals who provide technical consultation services to defense counsel in the form of mitigation at the pre sentencing and post-conviction stages of criminal proceedings, we also provide support services litigants proceeding pro se in the various avenues of relief.

We also provide several types of litigation support services to clients who have been sentenced and are seeking relief through the various types of early release programs through bop provisions.

If you or a loved one has been convicted after facing proceedings in the federal criminal justice system, and are looking at a term of imprisonment. You may be interested in pursuing avenues of relief through post-sentencing mitigation.

If you are in need of someone with a wide range of capabilities and depth of insight into comprehension of the federal sentencing guidelines and how they may be used in a manner that may assist you in obtaining a reduction of your sentence. We are specialists in post-conviction mitigation and understand the impact of receiving a sentence under the federal sentencing guidelines upon your life and the lives of those of your family members.

Our post-conviction services include the various types of habeas support from writs of habeas, motions under 28 USC 2255, 3582 and successive 2255. These services may be provided through counsel, or directly to primarily federal defendants who are proceeding pro se. Our acceptance of State cases on a limited basis, writs of habeas and executive clemency primarily.

We carefully examine all records and documents, including the trial transcript, looking for judicial mistakes, questions that remain unanswered, misinformation from counsel of record initially.

We have immediate, 24 hours per day, access to the computer records of all the federal courts in the United States. We also have immediate, 24 hours per day, access to all federal statutes and court rules as well as all federal and state case law within hours of the court decisions.

We determine whether or not the possibility of relief exists in your case by performing an initial review and analysis of your sentence based on court documents upon request.